Thursday , September 29 2022

Christina Orbucket hinted at an affair with Galkin


Rumors of romance between eldest daughter Alla Pugacheva and her stepfather earn after a few "perforations" by Cristina Orbakaite in the social network.

Although, in the opinion of some Primadonna fans who have the gift of thinking conspiracy, Christina Orbakaite clearly and deliberately hinted at an affair with Maxim Galkin in her latest post. It is difficult to hide your feelings when a loved one is so far away that time zones create difficulty in communicating.

Orbakit published her photograph on the phone, providing him with a rather transparent text that she could err at any hour of the day at the other end of the world, so she was afraid to wake her lover. It is not difficult to compare Galkin's tour of the US and Orbakit's "Soul Reading".

Fans who are closely watching the heat of the passions in the lives of the star couple Pug and Bhaglin can not help but note that the marriage of the old deva and the full of Prudist forces are on the verge of collapse. Maybe next year, it will be the highest event. Moreover, judging by the inside information of people close to the family, Maxim does not intend to give his wife to his children after the divorce.

Liza and Harry, without knowing it, became hostages of a relationship based on money, arrogance, and ambition. There is also Orbakaite, which can be representative of the "fifth column" for Alla Borisovna. Fans, however, hope the whole situation is at the level of leisure gossip. The facts contradict optimism.

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