Monday , October 25 2021

Deputy Saratov told about the results of "ministerial diet"


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Deputy Saratov told about the results of

Deputy Regional Directorate of Saratov Nikolay Bondarenko told the press conference how he lived for three weeks on the "ministerial diet". According to him, the basket of consumption should be at least 10 thousand rubles, and living wages should be at least 20 thousand rubles. Parliament expressed willingness to send an appeal to the similar state of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation government with a proposal to increase the cost of living.

"I believe that ministers and deputies should try to eat at 3.5 thousand rubles a month, and people who make decisions that are important to all citizens should feel the consequences for themselves," he said.

It is worth mentioning that "Diet Ministers" was composed by the former Minister of Labor and Employment of Saratov area, Sokolov, before it was fired. It is said that in Russia you can eat at 3,500 a month without compromising health.

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