Wednesday , December 2 2020

Doctors have named the causes of rheumatoid neuritis "interesting news OAnews

Doctors have read reasons for altered neuralgia

Many people experience inflammation of the sad nerve in their lives, complaining of sharp pains in the falcon and lower back, which can give up the leg. Doctors name the causes of the disease, and listed ways to eliminate it.

The cause of Sciatica may be pinching of the nerve due to the displacement of intervertebral discs or the presence of tumors on the spine. Also, the disease occurs after hypothermia, injury, physical exertion, infection, and resulting tumors received.

If a person feels severe pain, accompanied by numbness in the feet, skin redness, burning during urination, and also has fever, you should immediately contact a neurologist. Treatment of Sciatica includes taking prescription drugs, physiotherapy, massage after relieving inflammation and physiotherapy. During the worsening of the disease, bed rest should be maintained, which prevents a chronic stage that interferes with the small pelvic organs.

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