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Elena Vodonaeva said that all the ex-girls of Agor and Creed successfully marry


A 36-year-old host and blogger thinks, That popular actor Yegor Creed becomes an amulet for his daughters. As an example, Alyona Vodonaeva brought Nyusha, Ksenia Delhi and Daria Kliukina.

24-year-old Egor Creed brings good luck to his daughters, With whom he broke. This opinion was expressed by a well-known socialist and TV shows Elena Vodonaeva. A 28-year-old singer, Neisha, after an affair with Rapper, married one of Igor's most prominent officials and left a daughter. Another craed passion, Model Moldova and Xenia Delhi, Jumped out to marry an Egyptian millionaire. A 29-year-old star of the podium gave birth to Osamu Fati Rabah al-Sharif, the daughter, She lives and works in the US The last example is a participant in the fifth and sixth seasons of the show. "The singles "Daria Kliukina".

Daria and Agor on the play

Daria and Agor on the play "BA "


"I'll tell you about one trend., Which I noticed. Yedor Creed Formerly select men who are completely polar to him. Appearance, Because their taste changed dramatically after bitter experience, Received in relations with Egor ", – said Alin.

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Vodunawa expressed surprise, Like a 25-year-old girl with a speech district (Daria falters five years later, As the dog frightened her) was able to build a career fast on television and become a popular blogger. Recently said Klyukina, What is going to marry a millionaire, Page Manager "Gazprom Media "Vladimir Chopov.

"The history of Cinderella from Karpinsk is reminiscent of a certain sale of a product that is spun. After all, every marketer will tell you, That promotion is stronger, The more liquid the product. Now Daria can only choose: whether she will be a housewife or a star, "noted Vodonaeva.

Daria Kliukina and Dima Bilan.

Daria Kliukina and Dima Bilan.

. / klyukina_d

"No," Alan said, What is lacquina?, Whose future husband occupies a high place on the television channel, Now it will be easier to open all the doors. She does not rule out, After a successful marriage, Daria will become a TNT TV show, Shoot a movie or more in Dima Bilan's pieces. "Passion to fame is a very powerful virus, And that's amazing, As a rule, Fast for a long time, "said Woodonha.

TV presenter noted, That opponents may suspect Daria of dishonesty. At first she left the reality show, Ilya Galinikova refuses. Then next season she began to build love with Creed in front of millions of viewers. However, at this point she has already met Vladimir Chopov. "Agor is now just a living statue" Bull Attack "from New York, Which rub certain places, To fulfill the precious desire, "- said Alan.

Creed, in the opinion of Vodonaeva, should be concerned with the fact that the former fled to the altar.

Creed, According to Vodonaeva, This must be addressed, That the former escape from under the crown.

However, she noted, That Creed should not love this situation. After all, his ex-daughters, According to the Law, You have to kill and shed tears, Instead of rushing in the aisle with others.

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