Thursday , October 6 2022

Four simple and effective ways to lose weight without dieting scientists called


Simple and most important ways to lose weight without dieting and exercise, the scientists said.

The first way to lose weight is open as a result of a study by scientists from the University of Copenhagen. It is in the control of gluten and gluten. As a result of research, experts have found that a diet that has a lot of fiber, and gluten content is minimized, helps in effective weight loss. With this diet, global changes occur in the structure of the gut ecosystem, resulting in activated bacteria promoting fat burning deposits. Experts stress that you should not completely abandon gluten.

The second effective way to lose weight without much effort, scientists from the United States called a method in which there is daily weight. American experts found that volunteers who wanted to lose weight and weighed daily achieved far higher results than those who did not.

Scientists at Harvard Medical School have discovered another simple yet affordable method of weight loss. It involves following the body's biorhythms. If a person's daily life is consistent with his or her physical activity, then the body itself begins to spend more calories and burn excess fat. According to experts' findings, in this method of weight loss, you need to get up and go to sleep at the same time. In this case, it is better to fall asleep before midnight.

Experts from the Skloca Institute as the fourth method of weight loss recommend periodic fasting. Do not be afraid of the word fasting. The method is to use daily caloric intake for a certain period of several hours a day. According to the scientists' findings, weight loss contributes to food consumption for nine hours a day. In the remaining 15 hours, you should use only water or tea without sugar.

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