Saturday , October 23 2021

Glamor magazine called the 63-year-old St. Petersburg "Model of the Year" – Tarbut


In Moscow, prizes were presented to the winners of the "Woman of the Year" competition by the 63-year-old magazine "Glamor", a resident of St. Petersburg. Valentina Yassen won the model of the year. She works for the Oldoshka agency, which cooperates with old models. The results of the competition are posted on the magazine's website.

"So it's all unexpected, because I'm a beginner model, a baby in this area, and there's such a prize, it's not even two years since I'm in Oldushka and I'm still learning how to behave on the track I ask more experienced colleagues, and the girls are very happy that now there is no age limit in this profession, Of their modeling can continue, "Ashi told TASS.

She noted that the audience voted for all the women of the older generation on her face, until recently not represented in the fashion world. "This story is not only external beauty, it is an important social task – push the boundaries, overcome some stereotypes, help people accept themselves, changes related to their age," St Petersburg said.

Ash became a model at the age of 62, before she worked at the pharmacy on the island of Vasilievsky, and now she is handed over to catalogs of Russian clothing brands participating in shows.

In the main appointment "Woman of the Year" won actress Alexandra Bortich. The prize has been awarded in Russia since 2005.

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