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Hilkevich responded to the audience, calling her a “gray mouse” in the project


The actress explained that she is by nature a completely non-conflict person.

Anna Hilkevich. Photo:

Victoria Bunya gained bizarre fame during the “Stars in Africa” ​​project on TNT. The secular lioness left a trail of memories about herself as a hungry participant of the show, which was constantly in a food scandal.

However, Stas Arushin said the former star of “House-2” does need food in order to take medication properly, and not everyone was shown on TV. Meanwhile, the artist does not justify the struggle at all, because she knew which project she agreed to.

Anna Hilkevich in her personal blog expressed regret that Victoria was among the first to leave the project. She did not upset her at all.

“When Bonnie flew out of the show, I was very upset because of personal sympathy. And I will say that the atmosphere in the camp is felt particularly sharply. And I think if Bonya had stayed, then there would have been this fryer. But … new friends are coming to us! Fresh blood and not everyone will like this blood, “said the famous blonde.

She also reacted to haters who accused her of almost always staying in the shadow of her colleagues on the show.

“There are some ‘personalities’ who write me comments like I’m a gray mouse, I can not see, I can not hear. Maybe, now I will not be silent, this is my territory. In the first place, all you are shown is a 45-minute photo out of 48 hours,” Kilkevich wrote.

She noticed that she is a benevolent and calm person who does not like conflicts and tries to understand all people. Therefore, it hardly goes into program blockages.

“The only thing I would change now is my approach to the show. I took it seriously, as my real life, but in a friendly way, it’s a game, a search. But it was my first experience in this format, so here you will see me as I am in life. Somewhere calm, Quiet, but brave and friendly, “said Anna.

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