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How to instill love in a child for Pushkin: The answer of actor Sergei Bazrukov


The actor has his own methods of interest to children the great poet.

Sergei Bazrukov on stage. Photo: Global Look newspaper

On October 21, the film “Learning Fruit”, starring Sergei Bazrukov, will be released in theaters. He played on screen a strange but talented peasant who was found among the Germans and partisans in 1943 at the Pushkin estate in Mikhailovskaya.

The new picture, it seems, is not about the great Russian poet, but everything about him is saturated with it. In a new interview, Zarukov spoke about his new role, and the journalist asked him how to teach modern young people to love Pushkin. Is one school curriculum enough?

“You can make good performances – not even on Pushkin, but on the basis of his works. If there is a spectacular Ungin, a glorious queen of shovels, the amazing captain’s daughter or Belkin’s story, this is exactly the way to get out of this situation: young people can be interested in Pushkin,” replied Zarukov. Who is the artistic director of the Moscow District Theater – It is very important to remove the “textbook” attitude towards the school towards it.

The 47-year-old actor gave an example of his own Pushkin character, created by him in his own theater.

“I try to convey real feelings and emotions on stage to revive the poet in such a way that the viewer will have sincere feelings, sympathy and empathy towards him, and ultimately – the pain of loss. There are always a lot of young people at this show. And they see that Pushkin is alive, that he is a hooligan, they see him raging with his friend Pushchin, who came to him less than a year before the uprising on Snatskaya. This is Pushkin in love, Pushkin passionate, Pushkin, humiliated by the third class and the sovereign, – quotes in Zarukov “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. “This is what I can do to bring Pushkin closer to young people and ordinary people: read it and play it as long as health and age allow.”

We will add that the next play “Pushkin” with Sergei Bazrukov in the lead role will be performed at the Moscow District Theater on November 20.

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