Saturday , October 1 2022

In NASA to predict a new threat to Earth


NASA is repeating another threat to the planet, according to experts, the blue planet turns to the small ice age, which can occur due to decreased sunspot activity.
The aerospace agency warns of possible changes in the near space. This indicates the cooling effect in the high altitude layer of the atmosphere. Losses of thermal energy are recorded there. If emerging trends continue, it is possible to establish a peak tape temperature. In 2017, NASA determined that sunspot activity would be extremely low over the next year or two. The solar minimum will affect the weather in space, and communication and navigation will be interrupted. Experts point to an increasing number of galactic cosmic rays reaching the upper atmosphere of the planet. Supernova explosions and other similar events occurring in the galaxy are also influential.

The sun's magnetic field will become weaker, it will create a threat to orbit astronauts. Pointing to a solar storm, this is expected next Sunday.

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