Thursday , October 28 2021

In Ukraine, signs of Poroshenko were mocked with the motto "Hands outside Moscow." PHOTO – URA.RU


Open License. Petro Poroshenko., Peter Poroshenko

The expression on the candidate's bulletin boards for a new presidential term can be understood differentlyPhoto: Press Service of the President of Ukraine

Pre-election billboards of the current President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, appeared on the streets of Kiev with the slogan "Down with Moscow!" ("Down with Moscow!"). The country's population drew attention to the ambiguity of expression.

Social users believe the motto can be seen as "hands out of Moscow." Ukrainian bloggers Kievites began to stick the complexity of the program, because the political sporters of Poroshenko wanted to move. Some users even offered to move the stretch marks and bulletin boards closer to the railway line where the Lviv-Moscow train is going. Another number of users thought that Poroshenko decided on the expected political move due to low rating.

Author of the phrase "Going out of Moscow!" Considered the Ukrainian communist poet Nikolai Khvylevsky, who in the 1920s was interested in the revival of the Ukrainian culture.

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