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Mentally unstable? Razin frankly about Andrei Govin


Russian singer Andrei Govin is 45 years old. Recently, the artist lay on the bottom and stopped to delight fans with new hits and completely refused concerts. In one of the few interviews Gubin complained about his health and pointed out the problems of the nervous system. According to the musician, the doctors did not give him enough attention, so he had to deal with the problem on his own.

The producer of "May Affection" Andrei Razin said he was trying to help Govin. Razin confirmed that the star of the 1990s is really a serious problem, but in his opinion, these are problems of a mental nature: "Andri has serious mental problems, he imagines that he is constantly scratching his face, we took him to the doctors, they found nothing."

He also noted that it was very difficult to talk to the singer, since he became overly exaggerated and vulnerable, did not properly see any attempts to help him, reports the publication Bimru.

According to some information, leaving the scene, Gubin had to significantly reduce costs and sell their luxury cars. The valuable asset of the artist remains one Moscow apartment.

At present, the only steady source of income for a musician is the author's deduction from his poems, which are still relevant and wanted today.

The reason for such a bleak career of an artist who was once a popular entrepreneur was Sergei Lavrov trying to analyze the site. Lavrov is convinced that despite the unforgettable performance and the great number of injuries, without the patronage of his stepfather, the vice president of Russian merchandise and raw materials, Victor Govin, he had almost no success.

"In the 90s crashing, in order for songs and music tracks to sound from all iron, the artists had to add large amounts to radio and television.Only the stars at the level of Rotaru, Pugacheva, Kirkorov turned free.The rest, including Govin, had to pay," he said.

Lavrov also said he worked with Govin in the 90s, making it a concert of Ural.

"We can say that my career as a concert artist started with him," the man continued. "With Andrei, Mother always flew on a tour." Beautiful woman concerned structure. But Gubin himself was strange. It was the height of his popularity, and the singer spoke, sometimes answered poorly and even aggressively. I could ejaculate ten minutes before the concert: "I'll leave later, my mood is bad!" And people in the hall waited an hour, when it was more. "

According to the developer, it was then that the first signs of his illness appeared ..

"I think he can not cope with the wild popularity that overtook him, and on the tour we hired additional security because the girls turned the limousine on which he was walking in the city, gathering not only full halls, stadiums sold on him, and Gubin from a modest boy became a capricious, arrogant man, Lavrov.

My friend the artist said his last appearance took place in 2005. At the same time he composed a new song "Mama-Maria", and then introduced it unexpectedly to Jane Prisca. Later Friske wrote one of her major hits, La La Le.

"They were friends with Anne, but everyone saw how in love with Andrei looked at Friska." If it were not for him, it would be likely that her career was so successful after leaving the Brilliants, "noted Alina Krasnaya.

According to entrepreneur Lavrov, Gubin could earn millions if he did not refuse offers.

"I used to call him, I called him on a tour," Lavrov said. – Andrei answered in a weary voice: "What can you offer me?" I say: "€ 10,000 to speak." To him, Govin says: "No, and no more, I do not care!" And he turned off the receiver. And many wanted it. If Govin comes back, he will have many orders. "

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