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Mobile operator "MTS" forced subscribers to jump happily


The communications company MTS has a leading position in the mobile communications market on the Internet in Russia, and there are several reasons for this situation of affairs. To keep customers as well as attract new ones, over the past few years, this mobile operator has done everything to satisfy the requests and desires of its customers. Today, February 11, 2019, his press office said that a mobile operator literally made the subscribers jump out of pleasure because they got what they dreamed long ago.

It is reported that the 4G network is covered all stations of Metro Moscow, and it allows it to reach speeds of up to 250 Mbit / s. Several tens of billions of rubles were spent on the implementation of such a project, that is, only a huge amount of money. In addition to the fourth generation network, subscribers can also use 2G and 3G, which in some cases can be useful because the latest mobile internet is not available anywhere. Also keep in mind that using networks of three generations, you can make voice calls and send SMS messages.

Now MTS cellular operator is working to ensure that in the tunnels between stations, its customers can use the 4G network, which is already available between the stations between stations in several areas of Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya and Sokolay Sakaya branches. This project will be implemented in full by the end of 2019, which will cover more than 97% of the entire metro area in Moscow, and millions of people in Russia, who use this type of urban transport on a continuous basis five years ago dreamed about it.

Today, the MTS operator has its coverage in 2G and 3G networks in the tunnels where trains are passing, and it has been present for several years. The new equipment will enable speeds of up to 250 Mbps on 4G networks, available from all stations in Moscow starting today. This innovation is absolutely safe for all customers to taste. It should be noted that the daily telecom operator registers more than 2 million subscribers to its subway, which within 24 hours manage to use about 360 TB of mobile Internet.

Previously, we were able to find out that the MTS federal mobile operator launched the best tariff plan, from which everyone is absolutely shocked.

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