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Named the five most dangerous consequences of lack of sleep – Rossiyskaya Gazeta


Regular sleep from seven to nine hours is the most effective way to restore the health of the brain and of the organism as a whole, reported the Guardian, quoting a study by the British Sleep Board.

Experts have confirmed that any lack of sleep brings the development of Alzheimer's disease in humans. Scientists say a strong, long-term rest cleans the brain of a sticky, toxic protein (beta-amyloid), triggering brain disease.

Lack of sleep also causes an increase in the concentration of the hormone that causes hunger. That is, the older a person is, the more he wants to eat. So, if you try to follow a diet, but do not get enough sleep, then up to 70% of the weight you lose will be lean body mass, not fat. Therefore, any diet and exercise in the gym are not effective. In addition, the researchers found that, compared to nine hours of sleep per day, 5-6 hours sleep increases your chances of getting a sports injury by more than 200%.

Also, a normal sleep less than six hours a day compromises the immune system, significantly increasing the risk of developing cancer. In addition, short sleep increases the likelihood that the coronary arteries will become brittle. And it carries a stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Another danger of lack of sleep is associated with mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, and increased anxiety.


Studies show that after 22 hours without sleep, a person's performance is reduced to the same level as those who try to work in a state of severe intoxication.

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