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Named the main reason for the high success of Lazarev in "Eurovision" :: View Business :: Dni.ru


The representative of Russia in the Eurovision 2019 has quite good
Chances of winning. Prospects of Sergei Lazarev are highly appreciated by experts and experts alike.
And gambling.

The probability of Sergei Lazarov wins the Eurovision Song Contest is about 12%. That's a lot, if you consider the odds
The representative of consultants Sweden is estimated at 7%, Romania and Australia – at 5%.

However, home visitors should only cause dissatisfaction. They immediately undertook to water the Lazarev with mud, although the artist gives less reasons than that of others.
Representatives of the show business in Russia.

"Announced the trip to Sergei Lazarv" Eurovision "from
Russia. magnificent! To be happy will be – a worthy candidate from Russia goes. And here
The voices of the couch analysts, who very much like
Crack social networks, and some are too heavy
"Telegrams". And his intention, it turns out, is not the same, and he drives
Competition is too often, and why is he going with Kirkorov … What kind of nonsense is that? "
Under the State Duma Vadim Manokian.

The expert stressed that Sergei To Zerb, Unlike many of his colleagues, was not involved in scandals. The singer does not turn the dirty laundry over to many
television show.

"He behaves with great respect both on stage and on
Of life. Lazarev – one of the few in the top layer of our business show, which life
And a creative and respectful attitude. It does not matter what its direction, if it does not flaunt it does not make a PR out of it. Even read all this
shame. terror! "- noted Manukyan.

The expert recalled that Sergei To Zerb Going to Tel Aviv with
Team dream team led by Philip Kirkorov. He is sure that the artists have prepared a winning song and production, and Lazarev will win.

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