Wednesday , December 2 2020

Passengers who refused to fly on the SSJ-100 were transferred to another plane: Russia: Travel:

The passengers of the "Aeroplot Sukhhoi Superjet 100" (SSJ-100), which interfered with the takeoff due to hydraulic system problems, flew from Moscow to Moscow with the production of another company. This is reported by the airport director of the city of exit Sergei Nakonechny, TASS reports.

The exit was performed at 06:20 local time (05:20 Moscow time) on the Airbus A320. "Inspector of Civil Aviation Authority Volga is investigating the incident [с SSJ-100]"- said an interlocutor agency.

It is clarified that the alarm occurred on top of the SSJ, however, the failure of the previously reported hydraulic system was not. In this sense, the plane had to cancel take-off, he concluded.

May 18 SSJ-100, following the flight SU388, did not fly to Moscow. It was noted that all passengers aboard – 36 people – refused to fly on this plane.

The SSJ-100 was shot after landing at the airport in Sheremetyevo on the evening of May 5. An emergency landing occurred due to an automatic failure shortly after take-off. According to preliminary data, it was because of Barak's strike. Crash victims were 41 people, all on the plane were 78 people. A criminal case initiated the event. We see several versions, one major – pilot error.

After the crash, many incidents were reported with this aircraft model, as well as the cancellation of flights by Sukhhoi Superjet 100.

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