Wednesday , September 29 2021

Petrosian has publicly stated that he is “in search”

For the first time in a long time, Yevgeny Petrosian addressed the fans with an important message: The comedian is organizing a casting.

“I would like you to participate a little in our theater life for various miniatures and in the TV project Petrosyan Show,” the comedian began.

Many fans initially thought that Petrosian was looking for a new assistant, and even feared the humorist’s relationship with his young wife Tatiana Brochonova, who is known to have been the director’s personal assistant in the past.

However, everything turned out to be completely different, and everything is fine in the family life of Petrosian and Brochonova: Yevgeny Vagnovic does not need a new right at all.

Petrosian admitted that he has always sought and found new ways in creativity. Pop maestro “still in search” and waiting for new faces: directors, authors of humorous texts, young and charming artists who “feel the comics”.

Elena Stefanenko’s ex-husband admits that he is very much looking forward to future students and the comedian to whom he will transfer the enterprise of his life, all his knowledge and experience.

In response, fans wished Petrosian good luck in finding a new staff and wished the Miniature Theater great success and were sold.

No substitute for Brochonova: Petrosian has publicly stated that he is

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