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Playstation Manager commented on Sony's refusal of E3 2019 – News – Gambling


Tomorrow the head of the gaming unit Sony Sean Leiden will open a Developer Conference D.I.C.E. SummitBut before his speech he had time to talk to journalists of the portal. CNET.

In the interview, he was asked about the reasons for Sony's refusal to participate in E3 2019. As it turned out, the exhibition lost its value to the corporation.

Previously, gaming companies met there with retailers and journalists, but now everything has become different. With Sony stores located in February at the PlayStation destination, and journalists working over the Internet that every second of the world is happening to something.

As a result, driving E3 makes no sense, since the company is also expected to receive loud messages and real information bombs. If Sony goes to an event, it will create false expectations among fans.

The PlayStation itself has also changed its priorities: it tries to release fewer games, but pays much attention to polishing future releases, giving them the opportunity to "breathe" in the market thanks to successful advertising times and deep marketing.

The result is that June 2019 is not a good time for us to communicate with the audience. We think we've reached E3 2019 and will make people think we have something ready.

Sean Leiden

Perhaps the failure is partly due to the huge number of rumors and leaks about the PS5, and Sony is not going to speak publicly about the system in the near future. Apparently, the company was afraid to reach E3 2019, the audience expects to rely on the announcement on the next generation console.

Leiden hopes that E3 will soon become a festival of game culture with panels of developers that will bring the audience closer to the creators of the games. If you are lucky, they will be able to celebrate their favorite work or hobby together, not just counting on the next bomb information.

Comic-Con, in the opinion of the Playstation Manager, is a great example of further development of the E3.

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