Wednesday , September 28 2022

"Prices for high-level professionals will be driven up"


At a meeting with journalists RNS, head of Sberbank, German graph, spoke about the acute shortage of high-level IT professionals. He believes that the Russian economy "digital leapfrog" comes, and it is associated with the growing need of talented workers and rising cost of their services.

We need 4-5 thousand people per year, which we must rent. Today there is a huge shortage of experts. Looking ahead, we realize that today the Russian economy is still in the stage of preparation for leapfrogging, and it just becomes scary when we imagine what will happen when this jump starts. Prices for high-level professionals will be driven, the costs will be enormous.

German Graph, Chairman of the Board, Sberbank

Graph believes that "low corporate loyalty" of the current generation of experts will be the basis for competition between companies. He notes that workers move easily from one company to another.

Honestly, in this generation of the company, the loyalty of the company is very low and they are easily transferred from one company to another. Companies will compete with each other for the same resources, and it will be a very difficult situation.

German Graph, Chairman of the Board, Sberbank

Note that in October 2017, German graph said that "programmers are not needed today, we have a huge number of programmers with whom we are fighting." Similar remarks were made by the head of Sberbank in October 2018 at the Open Innovations International forum: "In the future, programmers will be less and less demand." He then urged the abandonment of the schools of physics and mathematics, calling them a "remnant of the past."

Source: RNS news agency

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