Tuesday , August 9 2022

Scientists fight malaria placed 1 cm3 240 mosquitoes


Every year, up to 200 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. Its main operators are mosquitoes.

Scientists have decided on a global fight against malaria to use an unexpected tool for genetic changes. For transporting mosquitoes to the epidemic area, they are laid 1 cm3 Blood suckers.

This is done by experts working at the University of New Mexico. They faced the task of finding the optimal way to provide the greatest number of mosquitoes over long distances.

Scientists have been able to genetically modify mosquitoes who are no longer able to transmit a dangerous disease. Now the question arose how to change the lives of these canned people into a new habitat. It is assumed that where they eventually push the population of mosquitoes "Malaria".

Survival The highest percentage was achieved when at 1 cm3 240 mosquitoes were packed. At a positive temperature of 7-14 ° C, in this group more than 85% of people changed and survived after 20 hours of travel.

In this case, the "landing" overcame more than 1.5 thousand km.

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