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"Snowflakes Army" did not destroy Alan Dillon


What do the Cannes Film Festival and Harvard University have in common?

Yesterday, on the stage of the Cannes Palace of Festivals, Alain Delon – "Living Legend Star Icon" in the wording of the festival's director Terry Primo – was awarded the Golden Honor of the Palm for his contribution to the cinema.

People on the background of the American flag. Archival photo

October 28, 2018

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A week earlier, Harvard University announced that the contracts expired in June with the head of the criminal law department at Harvard Law School Ronald Sullivan and his wife, human rights and racism experts Stephanie Robinson, will not be extended.

Political campaigns called ideals of political correctness are associated with these two events. True, with the opposite results.

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The story around Sullivan has developed in recent months. To the deep and liberal convictions of the dean's sincerity (incidentally, the first black in this role) Harvard University students called a horrific act.

A famous lawyer, he dared take the clients of Harvey Weinstein, a famous Hollywood producer, who is now fighting (by the way, with great success at the moment) of many sexual crimes.

Producer Harvey Weinstein

May 6,

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All of Sullivan's attempts to convey to students (including future lawyers) of one of the world's best universities the idea that the right of every person to a lawyer differs from a basic and unconditional character of the legal system and does not depend on the defendant's personality in vain. "The choice of a client by Mr. Sullivan causes deep trauma to the students and demonstrates his disrespect for their safety," he said.

The university launched a campaign of harassment with guards, graffiti murals and hot chocolate for participants from the Department for the Prevention of Sexual Violence.

As a result, the students who lost their sense of safety and were hurt by the best feelings won a convincing victory: they did not extend the contract with Sullivan to "improve the climate in the college" (according to the university spokesman who announced the decision).

As for Alan Dillon, it all began in April, when they announced his forthcoming prize at Cannes. A petition posted on the Internet requires that it be canceled because of "racist, homophobic and misogynist statements of the actor".

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It is worth noting that an artist was never ashamed to openly express his point of view, and some of his statements can indeed cause hysteria among liberal political correctnessists. In particular, Dillon negatively assessed the flow of uncontrolled immigrants to Europe, directly expressed his support for right-wing political forces (including the National Front), objected to gay marriage, and particularly against the adoption of gay couples because he believed "the child has a mother and mother."

The petition, initiated by the head of the Hollywood organization Hollywood, sparked a widespread response and won some 25,000 votes, but the main result was the Cannes Festival's refusal to cancel the award ceremony to Aline Delon. As Fermo noted, "The festival condemns some of the statements (of the actor – Ed), but not against freedom of expression."

The #MeToo parade participants in Hollywood. Archival photo

September 25,

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As for the artist himself, he responded to the event more philosophically: "What can I say, someone loves me, but no, but my career can not be denied."

As a rule, last night the big actor was given a concert in accordance with the organizers' plans.

One can only rejoice at the Cannes Film Festival, which opposed the attack of the absurd, but more socially significant in the West, militant political correctness. It is more difficult to put into fair terms a reference to Harvard's history, which clearly showed the dangers of the notorious "Snowflakes Generation" in its liberal totalitarianism, which undermines the foundations of Western democracy.

Today, they deny basic rights and freedoms to people who do not like and are very successful. And what will happen tomorrow? Legislative restrictions – on an attorney, on the provision of medical treatment, on freedom of speech and on assembly, and so on – to those appointed by them as enemies of society?

Youngsters at Times Square in New York

March 12, 08:00

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At the same time, it is impossible not to think that the film festival rejected the attack on Dillon just because of external conditions eroded his strength and perseverance. There are doubts are based that the result was the same if everything happened to the analog of the university campus, where 25 thousand signers had an opportunity on a daily basis to directly press on the festival management and the artist himself.

And that, in turn, automatically puts the agenda on what the West is waiting for – and for the whole world – when millions of "snowflakes" finally reach maturity, begin to climb the hierarchy of business and public administration,

I want to believe that the clash with reality will force most of them to accept life in all "trauma and insecurity." However, it is more likely that they will try to rebuild this ugly, defective and cruel world according to their ideas about the beautiful and the right.

I do not even want to think about the possible consequences of this.

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