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The final "edinichka" BMW, the prince without a license and other events of the automotive industry – Autoreview


rear wheel The first BMW series Came to an end: the company began taking orders for performance hatchbacks in the Finale edition. It is strange that such a version has so far only been announced for the Australian market: the five-door BMW M140i with 340-strong turboshesterka has become its base. In Australia, the Finale edition unit costs $ 63,000 local ($ 44,625 at the current exchange rate), or three thousand more than a hundred and one hundred standard. A list of equipment includes M-adjustment suspension, M-brakes with blue calipers, black lighting, navigator, panoramic roof and Herman Kardon audio system.

GAZ Group Announced the establishment of a new assembly plant near the city of The Hague. The agreement with a local partner, Azarmash, was signed last fall. According to the plan, the plant with a capacity of 10,000 cars per year will be operational in 2020. It will produce models of the next Gazelle, the next lawn, businesses Gazelle and Sable businesses, including all wheel drive versions. In the second stage, buses of medium and large classes are scheduled to be released.

Crossover Ford Koga Next generation will be a change of seven seats with a third row of seats. This vehicle will be replaced in the European range by failed Ford Edge SUV, which last year found only 9882 buyers in the domestic market. By comparison, Koga sold 153,000 copies, a record for himself. Interestingly, Edge itself, although larger than Coogee, is shown in Europe only in the 5th version of the seat, and the seven-seat version is offered exclusively in China.

Mercedes In Europe he issued a patent for trade names O 120, O 140, O 180 and O 200. We are waiting for Mercedes O-Class? Unfortunately, except for the fact of listing indices, there is no other information yet. Mercedes uses the letter O for many years to designate buses (from the German word "omnibus"), but numerical indices "old" there. Judging by the number of numbers, we can talk about the most compact models, because even the current A-class number starts with number 160.

Today, only two Fomula-1 teams have introduced the car in new colors: they will take the tracks in the coming season. Fireballs Williams Mercedes FW42 Decorated with the logo of the sponsor a new title, ROKiT media company. For Williams this year will go to Robert Kubica & Russell.

And the car Toro Rousseau Honda STR14 In the season of 2019, Russian Danil Kvyat and British Thai origin Alexander Albun will perform. The team begins the tests in Barcelona on February 18.

Blind trust teams Standard Navigator Brought trouble to the German driver last Sunday. Under poor conditions in the area of ​​the town of Edwacht in western Germany, a 69-year-old man relied on the guidelines of the system and … ended the water journey of the canal. The driver had to escape through an open side window, then point to the side of the road. The man who received hypothermia was taken to the hospital, and the car had to take the water with the help of special equipment.

Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, The 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, voluntarily gave up his driver's license. In mid-January he was involved in a car accident, and luckily, casualties were avoided. A few days later, the prince was noticed with an unfastened seat belt while driving another car. In England, there is no age restriction on driving, but drivers over the age of 70 are required to receive new rights every three years.

Even today we talked about the characteristics of the Mazda 3 with the Skyactiv-X engine, the Volkswagen Polo sedan in the new version of Connect, the Haval F7x series and the serial CROSSOVER, the first images of the RAF minivans and the updated BMW Alpina B7 sedan.

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