Friday , January 28 2022

The sequel Vermester Bloodborne creates Bluepoint – Igromania games


Rumors of series development In the blood Existing for a long time – not so long ago, at the start of the opening, Colin Moriarty said, that the remaster and sequel of the game are in development. Now inside Nick Baker from The Xbox Age… Also, according to his information, the game port on the PC is already ready.
At the same time, the sequel and the remaster create Bluepoint GamesResponsible for the remake Breast souls. Sony Acquired the studio in late September, and the head of Bluepoint noted that the team will be working on original projects, and is already working on something – we may be talking about it In blood 2.
Recall that Bloodborne was released in 2015 only on PS4. The sequel, apparently, will only be released on PS5. currently By software, Responsible for the source, completes the work on Elden Ring, Released on January 21, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. Yesterday a small game video of the game appeared on the net.

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