Saturday , October 23 2021

There is no trace of the young sex symbol – marriage with Topalov can destroy Todorenko's career


Sex, money, apartments and cars – all this was already with Topalov, 18 years old. Jena also dreams of Hollywood and works hard for popularity, even during her last pregnancy.

Jana Todorenko can be described as one of the most industrious women not only in Ukrainian but also in the Russian show business. Perhaps, only Olga Buzova can compare with her, because the two actresses spend all their time on different projects. Jena tried to get to the top of the show business from the show "Star Factory-2", but she has been able to do so recently.

Todorenko now pregnant should give birth very soon, in a few days, but at the same time she continues to shoot, make advertising contracts and so on. Her beloved Vlad Topalov, apparently, certainly not against it. This is what can destroy the connection of the planet "several years" according to some publications.

Todorenko and Topalov have completely different ambitions. Vlad has become popular for 18 years. He had a lot of money, like a boy, many women, models, alcohol, and then drugs. To Topalov in life were all that young people could dream of – from trips and popularity, to the big apartments and cars.

It's all a pretty tired guy, and he changed his career as a young "sex symbol" for drugs. Dependence, by the way, prevailed and Vlad, but he never managed to regain his previous glory. Now he is engaged in creative work, but not "pop", which he sang in "Smash !!", but more instrumental music. Now symbolizes the young sex is not even traces.

Topalov makes music for fun, but Todorenko tries his best to keep her popularity, to which she goes all her life. In her interviews, Regina assured that she had always dreamed of a career in Hollywood, and she was still dreaming. Her diligence and devotion no doubt that the leader can achieve everything.

Todorenko believes that her children will be the same enthusiastic and active people, like her. The family is not going against her career plans, but here it goes against Topalov's ambitions. Marriage will be an obstacle to career growth in Regina, at least some fans and business show experts think so, that Vlad has been a huge popularity, but his lover is just starting out. With such a hard won career, Todorenko can certainly destroy marriage with Topalov.

However, it can not be included that "how many years" will be fine, and the child will only strengthen the relationship, and also give Regina a new impetus to creativity and achievement of new heights.

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