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Why exactly Alla Pugacheva? Maxim Galkin told about his wife about the Basta show


On November 14, 42-year-old television host Maxim Galkin became a guest of the Basta GazLive YouTube program. The presenter chose the most interesting questions from the audience and asked them to be charming. Most users were interested in the personal life of the presenter, Who has been married to those in Pug where since 2011. Artists have been married after eight years of romance, And two years after the wedding, the surrogate mother gave birth to twins Harry and Elizabeth.

Shot from the show

The first question of the spectator was about retirement – if the pension reform terrified Maxim or Allah. Galkin laughed at the question and said, That his wife was more afraid of her size. She gets two thousand rubles a month. Basta also joked: "Lazar! You have to work more, Means "."

Another question about his wife brought Maxim into numbness. Asked the subscriber, Galkin will be 70 years old trying to catch up and if he marries a young girl. Galkin knocked on the wooden chair three times and said, Because his wife is doing well with health. He hopes, That within 30 years Alla will be his wife.

A question in the forehead "Why does Paula Patz look like a "banal look to the artist": "All these questions about age, All this thesis-I have lived with it for many years. I laughed at questions, Who asked me about your instagram. People there usually practiced wit. That's all they do not understand, That I heard the same questions from their fathers, "said Galkin, That lived with Alla for 17 years, And he fell in love with her at the age of 25 (Allah was 52 years old). Maxim explained, Who even then did not care about the age of Pugget, And now nothing has changed.

At the end of the show, Galkin laughed to himself., After he said, Because in their family the primary carrier is. Because of this, Allah calls him often "Old man. "

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