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5 great features that WhatsApp will launch soon, and above all hide your appearance


WhatsApp is working on many new features that may reach all of its users soon, as many of these features are currently being tested in public beta versions, and some users who have signed up for the service’s beta program may enjoy these features before others. Fast forward to the 5 new features that the most popular messaging app WhatsApp can launch in the near future, according to the “indianexpress” website.

1. New voicemail feature:

The instant messaging service owned by Facebook is currently developing a “global voicemail player” that will allow users to listen to voicemails even when leaving chats. The top of the main app even after users activate the audio message and leave this chat. In addition, the app will display the audio message at the top of each segment or chat you visit, along with the option to pause and close the audio message at any time.

Redesigned Chat Bubbles:
WhatsApp recently released version for iPhone beta users, the update allows users to view designed chat bubbles, where beta users will see larger, larger and more colorful chat bubbles compared to the old chat bubble.

3. Custom privacy setting:

WhatsApp introduces a new privacy-enabled option for Android beta users, as the company will add a new “My Contacts Except” option in the privacy settings that will allow users to hide their latest views from specific contacts.

4. Message Feedback Feature:

WhatsApp is also developing a new feature that allows users to reply to messages using emojis, a similar feature now available on Facebook Messenger and Instagram, and the response feature that comes to the app will allow users to tap and hold the message they want to reply and then drag their fingers to the appropriate emoji.

5. New backup feature:
WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to manage the size of the chat backup and exclude certain content such as documents and photos from a cloud backup, and through a dedicated section of “Backup Management” that allows users to manage the backup size before uploading to the cloud.

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