Tuesday , May 17 2022

6 high blood pressure # signs should not be ignored


Paris: High blood pressure is known as a "silent killer" because its symptoms are unclear, so medical recommendations encourage blood pressure to be measured after reaching 40 during a periodic medical visit. It is worth knowing how many symptoms indicate high pressure, and not ignore them.

A foggy vision. Hypertension affects the brain nerves and this is reflected in the vision becomes vague.

Serious headaches. Effects of high blood pressure on the brain Acute headache especially migraine, this headache may be accompanied by chest pain and dizziness.

breathing. As blood pressure increases steadily, breathing decreases due to increased thickness of the walls of the heart muscle, and a decrease in blood flow.

tiredness. A constant feeling of excessive fatigue sometimes reflects the fatigue of the body's internal organs, and this may occur due to lack of access to sufficient blood supply due to increased thickness of the arteries. Fatigue resulting from high stress is accompanied by deeper and more severe sleep.

dizziness. Due to lack of supply of oxygen, adequate blood flow occurs dizziness and dizziness.

Bleeding from the nose. The symptoms of high blood pressure are nasal bleeding, and if repeated, consult your doctor.

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