Thursday , May 19 2022

"Alibaba" earns 1.44 billion dollars in the first few minutes of the launch of the "single day"


Alibaba raised 10 billion yuan ($ 1.44 billion) in sales in the first few minutes of its annual "Singles Day", Bloomberg reported.
11/11 of the event is identified as numbers symbolized by individuality and non-marriage.
Daniel Aling, CEO of Alibaba, told reporters last week that he expects 1 billion orders within 24 hours on Nov. 11, the South China Morning Post reported.
Last year, Alibaba broke the previous record with record sales of $ 25.4 billion by providing substantial discounts on goods ranging from clothing and electronics.
However, ahead of the event, there were concerns that Alibaba and other e-commerce sites such as "" which runs a similar sale may be severely affected by new tariffs on US goods.
The United States has imposed tariffs on Chinese goods valued at $ 250 billion since the beginning of the "trade war" last July, while China imposed tariffs on US goods worth $ 110 billion in response.

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