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Angel Plato, who is celebrating Google's 95th birthday today


When we return to the famous site "Google", we will celebrate all the artists mentioned in history so far, we will not forget the 95th anniversary of the birth of the Egyptian Angel Plato, who lived to paint and struggle to bring us the most beautiful paintings, and was the most important picture preserved Behind the bars Al-Kanathar was behind the trees, and despite her birth in the middle of a family, she was wealthy and grew up in Cairo to a European origin.

On April 16, 1924, the artist Angie Plato was born in Cairo to a deeply rooted Turkish family. She attended a Catholic school that specialized in upper class girls in Egypt, but at that time she was rebellious to school administration and teachers. He had to get her out of school and send her to French boarding schools.

Plato created art and photographed all her dreams and lives, painted all her dreams in the subconscious of her paintings, and then came to art until she influenced the artistic movement with the entire Telemessi, who then turned to the art and philosophy of beauty at the time.

The artist's concern, the expression of the marginal classes, did not cease to play this role through art alone, and then expanded the role, joining the movement of Iskara communism in 1944.

On April 17, 1989, Angel Plato died.

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