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Beware .. 7 reasons caused by malnutrition for young and old


Dr. Said Mutawali, a nutritionist, said: "The food is balanced and has a detrimental effect on the health and functioning of various organs in the body and it is necessary to provide the body needs of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins to meet the body's health requirements especially for children.
He added, "said that" when we fill the stomach with the class at the expense of the second occurs malnutrition, leading to many diseases, the most important:
Psychological diseases
Psychiatric diseases such as depression, frustration, sadness and loss of appetite resulting in inactivity, stress and low concentration.

Digestive System
Gastrointestinal diseases that cause difficulty swallowing, which reduces the intestinal absorption of food and limits the use of the body by poor digestion.

A weak structure
Lack of protein in food has a negative effect on growth, hormone formation, body enzymes, muscle formation, cell building and growth, which causes a particularly poor physical structure for children.

Weak vision and property
And lack of fat and carrying the vitamins are dissolved by less energy sources of the body and the emergence of many diseases, such as the vision of deficiency of vitamin A and lack of blood clotting vitamin K deficiency in addition to diseases that affect movement, such as rickets due to lack of vitamin D.

The absence of mineral elements found in fruits and vegetables such as calcium and potassium in the body shows signs of curvature in the legs, deformities of the bones, weakness and weakness. All of this can be prevented by eating foods rich in all essential and essential components of the body, meat, poultry, As well as the need for exposure to the sun to prevent osteoporosis, which may increase the possibility of the spine of fractures and deformities, and compensate for the lack of calcium vitamin D elements recommended to eat bananas, milk, spinach, add sun exposure regularly.

Thyroid hyperplasia and dwarves
An important disease due to malnutrition is hypothyroidism due to lack of iodine (the fish and nuts) that cells must perform normal function naturally. Inflation leads to poor growth and development in children, distress and mental retardation.

Anemia and difficulty breathing
The most common disease in the world due to malnutrition: anemia or anemia occurs because of the lack of iron, and therefore the lack of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the body, which leads to warmth in the body, a feeling of weakness, fatigue and difficulty breathing.

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