Saturday , October 1 2022

Despite the case of Haji, Aber insists on involving Saudi Arabia in its board of directors


The case of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashgawi influenced the economic relations between Saudi Arabia and many international companies such as Over Technologies.

Shona Gosh, in her Business Insider article in her French version, spoke of the fate of Over, a multinational company in the US whose main activity is the world's second-largest private company, at a market value of $ 72 billion. Of the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

Softbank is the largest shareholder in Ober, and the Roaya Softbank investment fund is supported by Saudi Arabia. According to the writer, the company was given a place in Saudi Arabia by Yasser bin Othman al-Rumain, personal advisor to Crown Prince Muhammad Salman and general manager of the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

The company's chief executive, Dera Kusrau Shashi, said he expected more details about the homicide and whether the Saudi leadership was involved in the crime, adding that the company believed it was better to wait and not rush to reveal the facts of the crime.

"Once we have the facts that will make the vision better, we will do our best to deal with it as a company, in accordance with the vision we take to judge things, but we do not need to do that," he said at a Los Angeles-based conference during a conference Organized by Wall Street. Journal a few days ago. This situation is not entirely clear at the moment. "

The CEO added that the company has a commitment to Saudi Arabia because it is "a very important investor in the company."

Referring to the suspected involvement of the Saudi leadership in the killing of Oggy, the Houthi said that the island was being condemned by the company for this terrible crime and that the board could not take any action on the fate of the Saudi partnership until the results of the investigation.

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest financing parties for emerging companies in Silicon Valley, either through the Saudi Public Investment Fund or the Wright-Softenk Foundation.

Saudi investments accounted for nearly half of the money allocated to fund the fund, noting that, regardless of Overt, Riyadh has given money to fund Warworks and Slack, all of which are on the market.

The writer noted that Ober's CEO had announced his withdrawal, along with many prominent technology leaders, from the investment he hosted two weeks after Hogwagi's death.

"When I quit the conference, I did not follow the other people who boycotted him, we did not know exactly what happened then, but based on what happened, we thought we were not going, and we are now waiting for the facts," he said. The conference. "he said.

He recently entered the Turkish consulate in Istanbul on October 2. The Turkish government confirmed that Saudi agents working in the government had killed him and cut his body, which had not been found so far.

Saudi Arabia admitted its death and confirmed that the crime was planned and observed, but in return denied the involvement of senior leaders in the Saudi regime.

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