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Gumming up your stomach .. the latest techniques to lose weight safely


Stomach stain or Sleeve gastrectomy Also known as stomach gastric surgery has spread in recent years and has many advantages in terms of weight loss, usually performed by laparoscopy, where 80% of the size of the abdomen is removed, in this report we know the abdominal quantification process in detail.

The results may reach after the abdomen is quantified
The results may reach after the abdomen is quantified

What is the abdominal quantification process

The site "Health line"Abdominal amputation is a surgical technique for weight loss, and involves changing the size of your stomach so that you feel fuller faster and eat less food, reducing your stomach size limits the amount of food you consume.

This surgery requires drastic changes in your daily eating habits and is recommended only for patients who meet certain weight and health criteria.

Process of abdominal quantification
Process of abdominal quantification

Why should a process of stomach quantification be performed?

The site "Mayo Clinic"The medical procedure is to quantify the stomach to help you lose weight and reduce the risk of weight related health problems, which may threaten life, including:

Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

heart disease.

– high blood pressure.

High fat percentage.

– Sleep Apnea.

Type 2 diabetes.



Learn about the tummy tuck process
Learn about the tummy tuck process

Of candidates for stomach quantification

This is usually done only after you try to lose weight by following a diet and exercise. Gastric ulcer can be an option for you by setting up your body mass index (BMI), an important measurement to determine if you are suitable for surgery. It is calculated by dividing body weight Pound per sq.m.

– Body mass index (BMI)BMI) Is 40 and above (obesity).

Your BMI is 35-39.9 (obese) and you have a serious health problem related to weight, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea.

– In some cases, you may be entitled to certain types of weight loss surgery if your BMI is 30 to 34 and you have serious health problems related to weight loss.

– You should also be willing to make regular changes to make your lifestyle healthier and monitor your diet, lifestyle, behavior, and medical condition after surgery.

Stomach and stomach stasis
Stomach and stomach stasis

What results you expect after the process of stomach quantification

The tummy tuck process takes 60 to 90 minutes, and after a few weeks, you can follow a diet that focuses on eating small amounts of healthy foods, and your doctor may recommend taking vitamin supplements to ensure you get the nutrients you need.

You are likely to reach an optimal weight for 2 to 3 years.

The process of stomach quantification 2
Process of abdominal quantification

By following a recommended diet, you can also treat chronic weight related conditions such as asthma, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Follow a diet after the process of tummy tuck
Follow a diet after the process of tummy tuck

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