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Learn about Fahd al-Rashudi, who visited the heir apparent and his family in Burda? Al – Maktas newspaper


Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud visited the homes of several citizens during the visit of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, to Qasim last Wednesday. Among those visited by the heir apparent is the family of Sheikh Fahd al-Rishudi Of blessed memory.

Al-Rashudi is considered one of the people of the founding king, who participated in the construction of the unification of the kingdom and is considered one of his sons, Sheikh. Abdallah bin Fahd al-'Ali al-Rashudi, and a number of family members.

Fahd al-Rashudi was born in Burda in 1283 and received his religious education. He was close to the founding king, had many heroic positions in the kingdom parade, participated in the Bakariya and Shanana baksim, which were a major reason to join the Kasim in the founding king's brigade. Rashid.

The late Arab author Amin Amin said that the famous positions that "King Abd al-Aziz sent a messenger of senior official in the name of Fahd al-Rashudi to Ibn Rashid, demanding a reform with the intention of injecting the blood of Muslims after long clashes, laughed at Ibn Rashid, Who wants to rule, we find no satisfaction.

Will he reconcile the power of the state with his hand?

"No, God does not make peace before I hit Bureida, Onaisa and Riyadh, a blow that can not be forgotten for a long time."

Al-Rihani went on to say that Fahd al-Rashudi had then returned to the founding king and told him about Rashid's son. He concluded: "Allah, oh people, I find what I saw there just as unjust as a cow."

Fahd al-Rashudi's relationship with the founding king was extended until his death in 1367, and his shop and shop were a meeting place for several Kasim and a shelter for the needy.

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