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Publication of a prize in the competition in parallel to the official competition


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Carthage Cinema Days 2018: Announcing the competition prizes in parallel to the official competition from Al Fagr website on Saturday 10 November 2018.

The awards for the Carthage Festival 2018 were announced on Friday evening.

The awards were divided as follows:

The International Federation of Cinematography Award: Awarded to the film "War Travelers" by Tov Said (Syria)

African Film Award: Moroccan film "Sofia" was awarded to Miriam Ben Mubarak (Morocco)

The Jury Prize of the General Workers' Union of Tunisia: Asas Al-Saadi,

Senior Film Award: The first prize was awarded to two films, Agony by Sun Gribi (Tunisia) and Rami Aloui (The Bell Bellevue).

The movie "Misfit" was directed by Karanja MG. Ando (Kenya) in the second prize. The third prize for "Les Enfants Dar Bouidar" was directed by Jezebel Christiane and Kouraougo (Morocco Burkina Faso).

The film "The Hind Case" by director Dina Nagy (Saudi Arabia) is accepted by the jury of the contest.

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