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Solution to storage problem


Besides humor, storage is a real problem that is not dependent on the devices in your home. The search for mechanisms and solutions is often done to develop the possibilities of absorbing larger amounts of data, which multiply like human digital cells.

Of course, we will not go into a long conversation about this crisis and how it will be resolved, but we will focus on helping you break the thread of the problem and hope that it will not be exposed again.

How to resolve your Android storage issue

Most of the time the problem is eliminated by following simple tips no matter what type of phone you have:

  1. External storage

    Dealing with smart phone systems differs from computer operating systems, and varies from one to the other, and in most cases the problem is solved by following simple tips no matter what type of phone you have.
    Do you have thousands of photos and videos you do not want to delete while setting up an obstacle to install new apps or take new ones?
    There is no better solution than transferring this entertainment to external storage devices. Markets are full of many kinds of devices. For example, you can buy separate storage cards with a capacity of 16 GB or less if you want to save only a few pictures and videos, bigger if the files are larger.

  2. Record whatSapp

    Whatsapp automatically stores photos and videos you get on your phone. You can disable this feature of course but until you do it – or maybe you do not want to – go to the phone studio and make sure to delete any unnecessary media.

  3. drive

    Cloud storage services are becoming more popular day by day, why not a simple and ideal storage method, and most importantly, does not affect your phone's storage capacity? You can retrieve them at any time.
    All you need to do is have a Google Account to use this application on your phone to upload the various files to it.

  4. Delete

    Sometimes the best solution is the obvious solution: try to get rid of the apps and games you eat and drink – or maybe just boring them and not using them – and that's probably enough to significantly improve the capacity of the device.
    It's worth noting that the best way to delete, regardless of your phone type, is to go to the apps menu from & # 39; Settings & # 39; to see your downloaded apps and start deleting from there.

  5. Download history

    We have all forgotten that always, and the forgetfulness here may be piled up of pictures and videos that you downloaded from your friend's joke, but turned the joke on you when you lost all this space on the phone.In general find the download record in a separate file within the studio and if you can not To find it easily you can download a free application to browse the phone files of the store

Resolve the storage problem for computers

  • Update the device device

You start with the easiest way to improve storage capacity on your computer: buy new media storage. At this point you have three options: either buy cheap media storage cheap, upgrade your hard drive or buy an external storage disk.

  • Delete what you do not want

Repeat this step in different systems clear, for Windows systems the easy way, and all you need to do is access the control panel and then click Remove Programs, and here is a list of all installed programs and games.

  • backup

Use any external media you have, even if it is just a DVD to write, transfer these important external media files, and then delete them from the device after securing them.

  • Cleaning programs

The Ccleaner is very popular, free and easy to use, and impress you with the amount of space you can save and clean up your device, which usually comes from web browsers.

Resolve the storage issue for iOS

We note that the method of dealing with the iOS system is not very different, but only very briefly, more things to pay attention to.

  • Delete what you do not need

Simple idea and easy implementation, go to the Applications section in your phone settings, pick up your breath before you start stock and clean what time to send it, what kind of photos, videos or old files from other formats, or even record iBooks image uploads and writing applications.

We also recommend that you search for more storage than other applications, so the deletion process will be more useful. By going to your phone's storage settings, you can see a clear list of consumption and usage for each application.

In the same storage settings, you can find options or, instead, help the operating system to improve storage capacity. Among these options you can enable the Do not load applications you do not use feature, thus preventing them from consuming space even if you forget them in the future.

You can also ask your operating system to perform a comprehensive deletion of all old messages or after a certain period of time. Follow this step carefully so as not to lose important messages.

If you notice that the Photos app uses additional storage space, you can open a conversation, hold a photo of chat, click the More button below and you'll see small circles that appear next to any message of any kind. Click this circle next to each message. You want to get rid of them and delete them, and when you've finished your selection, click the trash can icon at the bottom.

For those who want a faster way of clearing, go to the storage settings and then the message section and you'll see a sub-section of the review name or see the large attachments. Inside, you'll see a list of photos and videos attached to your chat messages, click the Edit button to start deleting.

There are reasons why you need to update the ios, and unlike getting better security permissions, it seems that updating your system may give you more room on your device by reducing the space required for your operating system.

You can update the device system manually using the general settings

Social networking sites have a strange way to recover a good amount of storage in your system, and this method does not cause any security or similar risks, so I do not care about its experience and see the result.

If your phone is full, go to the iTunes Store and look for a huge movie like Lord of the Rings: two towers and then click the rental button twice (do not worry you do not actually rent anything) and click the OK button for the message that you say about not enough space in the machine.

Now go to your phone settings to see what storage capacity remains, and if this successful trick you will notice the results immediately even if a small percentage.

Some users believe that Apple has put this mechanism into its machines to free up space from the device when needed, but no one knows exactly what was deleted.

& # 39; Stream Photos & # 39; Lets you see the photos you've taken on any Apple device, but unfortunately they take up a significant amount of your device, and to disable it, go to Image settings and make sure my photo stream is not turned on.

It is also recommended to disable sharing pictures with friends sharing icloud photos if it does not bother you to provide additional storage.

  • Cloud storage

IOS offers many cloud storage services instead of throttling the capability of the device, where you can use such technologies
Icloud photo library or iTunes match.

If previous steps require effort and valuable time, then you should download an application designed for this purpose, such as
imyfone umate that allows you to clean your phone and look for any corrupted, unused and valid files for deletion

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