Saturday , October 1 2022

The General Grain Corporation is ending this year with the fifth package of imported wheat


The general grain enterprises completed the procedures for the fifth and final packages of imported wheat for 1439/1440 (2018) totaling 495,000 tons of hard wheat from the European Union, Australia, South America and North America (excluding Canada).
MK Ahmed bin Abd Al-Aziz Al-Fars, the fund's governor, explained that the contract for this payment comes within the framework of covering the local needs and maintaining the strategic reserve
Of wheat, and the fifth was signed this year in the will of God in the period (January – March 2019) by (8) vessels, distributed over 4 vessels to the port of Djemaa and an Islamic quantity of 245 thousand tons, (195) thousand tons, and the number of (1) vessels to the port of the quantity of Zan (55 thousand tons).
His Excellency said 22 international companies specialized in grain trade were invited by 16 companies to compete for the proposed quantity, which enabled the company to receive competitive prices and won five international companies.
With a fifth batch of wheat imported this year, the company has contracted about 3.1 million tons this year.

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