Monday , May 16 2022

The security authorities dismantle the mystery of the disappearance and theft of personal belongings in the restaurants of Mecca


Dubai – By Mohammed Faris © Sabak News

The security authorities in the holy capital in order to clear the mystery exposed to a number of people in restaurants famous for the theft and loss of personal goals.

Security patrols in the Holy Capital have reported how many people were found in several restaurants to steal and pick up while in charge or in a restaurant.

After collecting information about the person and tracking the threads of the case, which was the entrance of the person to the restaurants and the work of the exploratory tour and search for all the missing belongings by the owner to steal and leave the restaurant immediately.

The security patrols in the capital, thanks to God, managed to locate a man and see him stealing a handbag from someone in a restaurant.

An ambush was prepared for him, his arrest, the preparation of the incident report and his referral to the State Prosecutor's Office after he was caught in a crime.


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