Thursday , December 2 2021

United Arab Emirates second gold in «Gulf» Billiards Snooker


Our national team has added a second gold medal in billiard billiard billiard billiards and a snooker field, sponsored by Sheikh Maktoum Al Maktoum, president of the Billiards Association and the Emirates Snooker Association.

After the decision of the star of the pool Mohammed al-Husni, the first place for the category of singles 8 balls last night in the hall "balance" Abu Hill, which takes place in billiard, and the victory of Al-Husni after skipping Salah Rimawi in the semi-final, and then beat Ali Abdul Karim in the final To win second place and a silver medal.

Our team won two bronze medals for both Al Rimawi and Abdullah Gomaa, and Ma'a Al Husseini who lost Abdul Kareem in the semifinals. The UAE medal was two golds, the first in the 8-ball competition and the second by Mohammed Al-Husni, Ronsawi's Roumani and Abdullah Gum'a.

The 9-ball competition will take place today and tomorrow, followed by a 9-ball Wednesday competition, and a 10-man competition will take place on Fridays and Saturdays.


Said Hamed al-Marri, who is in charge of the pool competition and the pool manager, congratulated the Federation of the Game on these results, which placed the UAE in the top spot after winning first place in the first competitions, and left six more competitions in order to win the Cup At the end of the tournament next Saturday.

Al Marri explained that the competition was strong in the edition of the year, and the club has been a feature that has characterized the championship since its inception last Friday. The Israeli team was the same as the goal of achieving the great results.

Al-Marri said that the UAE team showed good levels of all its players and proved its value in the 8-ball competition after winning singles teams.

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The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman are participating in this year's event, and snooker games are held at the Al-Ittihad Club in Al-Kawaz and in the E-Zone area of ​​Abu-Hill for billiards.

The snooker team of the United Arab Emirates includes Muhammad al-Jassar, Muhammad Shahab, 'Issa al-Sayyid, Khaled al-Kamali,' Abd al-Rahman al-Shamsi, and Ja'far 'Abd al-Salam al-Islam, The team includes Muhammad al-Husni, Abdallah Gama, Ma'a, Salah al-Rimawi, Amran Salem, and Talal Belushi.

Bahrain won the first gold medal of the Habib Saba snooker in the final men's match after winning the silver medal against Nizar and the Al-Kamali won a bronze medal with Majid Deef of Bahrain.

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