Thursday , December 5 2019
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14 thugs tie the guards and take the trunk …


On this Saturday, Bambi University was targeted by armed assailants, who tied and dragged the guards for a mile. The security guards were saved by an argument between robbers when it came to opening the safe they took.

The attackers dragged the guards away from the campus and opened the safe, which was empty. Then they fled, says Alion Nyan, one of the guards.

"They tied our hands and made us lie on the floor, the only question they asked us was: Where is the rector?", He tells.

"They moved to the doctor, ripped the doors to catch the safe, dragged us as protectors from the campus, and when we arrived at an isolated place, two of them watched us while others opened the safe, in which, surprisingly, they found nothing. Argue and took the opportunity to escape, "he said.

The gendarmerie launched an investigation.

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