Monday , March 8 2021

A so-called sermon to the authorities: Why did he “bother” him?

Remarks “With the appearance of a sermon delivered to politicians (especially governors) by Deputy Mustafa Sisa Lu”Were transmitted by the press. Video which according to the communication unit of “El Pistolero” was used “Deliberately“.

Bad-tempered people want to damage his reputation by …

So why wait today to make a noise around? President Mustafa Sisa is known to him and poor quality people want to tarnish his reputation by using well-understood gymnastics: to harm him and national opinion and especially the powers that be, and especially the President of the Republic, McKee Sal“, Sorry for Mustafa Sisa Lu’s communications unit.

Boiling him “interferes” …

Today Mustafa boils him troublesome, otherwise how can we understand this helplessness that does not say his name about himself? We think that what is at stake is not the false debates that drown out the essential: to get behind General Mackie to lead the struggle for resilience against the dramatic consequences of the Corona plague or the Cubid plague-19.“.


The rapprochement observed for some time between the two mourners continues to make people jealous. And even a weapon of destruction is not too much to throw a drop of wormwood into romance. Mr. Mustafa sissed him, to this day, more determined than to be behind President McKee. No offense to his slanderers! Therefore he does not want to play in the game of these subversive doers. Then, the context so heavy with threats at the second wave sign of Cubid 19 must push everyone to move on“, She concludes.

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