Monday , March 8 2021

Agreement reached between Real Madrid and David Alaba

This is a hellish blow that Real Madrid would have achieved. Based on information from BrandThe reigning Spanish champion has reached an agreement with David Alaba and his representatives for next season. While we are in the middle of the winter transfer window, the 28-year-old Austrian will become Madrid’s first reinforcement for next summer. Therefore he will leave Bayern Munich to which he arrived at the age of only 18.

Following this publication

The Spanish daily goes even further in its exposures because it has in its hands all the figures of this agreement. The versatile player will sign a four-season contract and receive a salary of 11 million euros a year. He would even have already undergone his medical examination, making this transfer already feasible. This is the end of a long soap opera that started a few months ago and is set to go on a date in Munich.

Four-year contract

While the European champions have opened negotiations for a left-hand extension, the player tribe led by Pini Zehavi has done everything to block the negotiations. The leaders of Bayern Munich eventually lost patience and went into confrontation. If the end of the journey between Alaba and her training club is hampered by a difficult relationship, the services on the ground have never been an issue.

On the side of Real Madrid we understand a huge blow. If the Austrian team (75 rounds, 14 goals) is likely to receive a big signing bonus, the Spanish club is mainly recruiting a world-class player without any transfer compensation. He is trained as a left defender, he is able to play in the center of the field, but above all he has been re-placed in the center of defense for two years. Suffice it to offer a lot of guarantees to Casa Blanca who has some extension files on the way.

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