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Ariana Granada shares the "scary" images of brain scan



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After receiving images of her brain scanner, the singer Ariana Granada shared them with Instagram. For her, they are "scary and funny." The reason: His brain activity, judging by the results, is similar to that of a person suffering from post-traumatic stress.

The American singer of Italian origin, Ariana Granada, surprised the subscribers by publishing brain scan results. The images of the common results of his histogram were very similar to those of a person with post-traumatic stress disorder.

In published images, a healthy brain equates the brain with this syndrome. The first is almost completely black. The affected brain, on the other hand, has many bright areas, such as the brain of Ariana Grande.

"Funny and scary," she said, adding that it was "not a joke."

"I did not mean to shock anybody with my brain," she said. Write. "I love science and see the physical reality of what is happening there and it was amazing to me." One day, when it's better, we can talk about it more. "

Grand still claims to have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), born after the bombing of Manchester in 2017, when about 20 people were killed when fans left the show "Thank you, Next".

"I know these families and my fans, all of them there, who also experienced the same thing," she said in an interview in 2018, referring to post-traumatic stress, adding that she felt "she does not have to talk about his experience.

However, some researchers have asked that a brain scanner is a reliable way to diagnose this type of syndrome.

"There is no doubt that post-traumatic stress disorder changes the way the brain responds to emotional stimuli associated with trauma and the like," says Charles Nimroff, professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas at Austin. . "However, no brain images diagnose it."

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