Thursday , May 13 2021

Autonomous electricity, Kia HabaNiro feeds all curiosity

Kia HabaNiro

In Manhattan, the South Korean automaker unveiled the new concept of the vehicle, which is both electric and autonomous: HabaNiro, Future Vision "He said.

If the manufacturer Kaya Has doubled the projects of electric vehicles for several months – evidenced by e-Soul and e-Niro -, the Asian company is nevertheless a vision. That is why the designers of his studio in California have come up with a new futuristic idea which embraces both trams and level 5 autonomous driving. Kia HabaNiro.

Butterfly doors

Visually, the compact cross challenges a number of points: its Four-door butterfly Remember how much the product represents Future Vision The group, while the metallic gray coating surrounds the wheels and then extends to the side of the body as well as the grille. As a result, the HabaNiro balances with a sort of beard trimmed accurately.

Kia HabaNiro

A purpose-built vehicle, designed to finance each country, says Tom Kearns, vice president of the Kia America Design Center (KDCA): " We wanted this concept to be convenient during a city trip, in turn on the coastal road and on the slopes "Her autonomy 300 km However, it will limit it to short and medium distances.

A cabin is very attached

With a length of 4 440 mm, height of 1 600 mm, width of 1 955 mm and a wheelbase of 2 830 mm, Kaba HabaNiro equipped Two electric motors, Without the South Korean brand gives details on their performance (peak speed, acceleration). On the other hand, the group wants to be more talk about Kyrielle's Integrated technologies On the board, as a navigation system with graphical directions in increased reality.

Its interior interior is particularly noticed by the presence of a very long digital dashboard. The sights were meanwhile Replaced with cameras, Which capture images back to 180 degrees. After Autonomous Driving Level 5 Powered, steering wheel and dashboard retract in order to optimize the habit of tenants. Finally, internal technologies monitor the driver's emotional state and adjust the environment based on an established assessment.

Kia HabaNiro

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