Thursday , May 19 2022

Baaba Maal judges the new generation


Baba Mal went out of his reserve to talk about the new generation of musicians.

He reveals that he loves Wally because, he says, Thione Sec's son could stand out from his father to create his own style, to surprise.

But leader Dande Leñol has almost melted in front of Sidi Diop because he "recently discovered a film in which he sang in cappella," informs Seneweb.

"It changed the situation, confesses Baba Mal, in an interview with Vox Popoli.I know the value of sound.

And in his voice I feel something like Suleiman Faye singing, like Nadega from my father. Something came out of the country, Cadillac or Ul in the voice of Sidi Diop. "

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