Saturday , May 15 2021

Ben Arfa with Sulphate on PSG: "This remontada, they are used!" Coupe de France

Winning Rennes in the Copa de France finals, Saturday at the Stadt de France, was certainly a special taste for former Parisman Hatem Ben Arfa. A clear taste of revenge.

Revenge is a dose that treats the cold. In this case, Hatem Ben Arfa savored this dish happily on Saturday at Stade de France, with the success of the final runner-up of the Coupe de France against the PSG (2-2 ap, 6-5 tab). Joy, pride and a lot of emotion. "We had a few complicated moments but we stayed united, we made a beautiful epic in the Europa League (8, ed)." We won the title, it was 48 years ago. We told ourselves this week, we talked, we created this event, we prepared it well and we can really be proud of the whole team, the team, the president and the whole club that comes For us, we showed a great personality. "

"I won many titles and never cried, but it was too strong"

Hatem Ben Arfa

And "HBA" add, on the deficit of two goals accused by the Burton Club after 21 minutes of playing and goals of Danny Alves and Nimer Jr. for Red and Blue: "Nothing is impossible! You just have to believe. We know that we have quality and we can score at any time.Good defense of well-enclosed areas.And after that, we had the extra things, the good energy, the brilliance as we say.we are very happy and it comes, it concretizes the season rich in emotion. I cried … I never cried, I won a lot of titles, and I never cried there, I cried, because it was too strong … Before, when I looked at the Olympics and saw the athletes in it I did not understand, but here I understand … emotion is rising and you can not do anything, it was really extraordinary, I'm very happy. "

And if the capricious Ran Hallel was so stunned by his feelings, it was because this victory was double in his eyes, in his heart, in his head. Moreover, the native Clamart easily recognizes that this trophy is "beautiful" in his career. Ben Arfa spent two years in a nightmare in Paris between 2016 and 2018. However, he came with a very good season in Nice, after Zlatan Ibrahimovic left and with the desire to shine in the club. His heart. But this did not happen with Uni Amri and a joke to Sheikh Tamim al-'Atti, I, Amir Qatar, would definitely cut his fate. After a game of the Coupe de France in April 2017, we did not see it again with a PSG shirt. Divided, dismissed, forgotten.

Nasser al-Halifi in the viewfinder

But of course, Ben Arfa, he did not forget anything … "Everything came back because it was very complicated.In life, compared to the president of PSG (Nasser al-Khalaïfi), no one should underestimate his opponent, he first slips. As you will one day, when Adrienne will come back and he will hurt them, this is life, you have to be fair, do not take people high, we have to respect the person, and when you respect the person everything is fine But when you do not respect the person at a certain moment "He knows very well, we've already talked about it, and we have to put the person above everything. brother There are problems, tips … But human dignity is what matters most … Today, I think it took everyone, to show that you have to be patient, that you have to resist when there is a storm. "One day we offer our first degree since 1971 in Rennes, facing a Parisian monster. With the next Europa League card and the Champions Cup.

"Today, maybe that's why I had feelings," he continues. But it is also because it was very complicated this year in the sense that it was necessary to return. We had only a bad time in the league. We are really proud that we have prepared this with the team, the president, the players. And that's huge pride also because the fans have been waiting for each other for a long time. And there's the Pinot family. It's a cocktail. "A delicious enough mix to want to stay next year?" Looks like the end of the season, "he slips.This is important to the club, which is designed to play the European Cup regularly. "

"In life, we must respect, when you respect, you will have good things"

Hatem Ben Arfa

Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain remains a new illusion, after Guingamp Coupe de la Ligue and Manchester United in the Champions League. Not to mention the three games in which the Parisians missed the title of champion of France (Strasbourg, Lille, Nantes). It's a lot … And again, Parisians have shown incredible mental fever. Ben Arfa is not surprised. It's amusing … "It was really a big PSG and we did a" remontada "(smile) We won (at the suggestion of a colleague)" Rennesmontada! "But they're used to it …" The habit of crumbling in the face of adversity. Donkey? A good war … And the former Parisians conclude: "In life we ​​must respect, when you respect, you will have good things." The party could have been even prettier for Arpah if he had framed that beautiful shot in more time. "I thought … but we won anyway, that's the most important thing," he smiles. And not twice …

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