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Boeing 737 Max Related: Air Canada rearranges its flight schedule

Air Canada forever Plan of the summer season Because of the maintenance ofTheft ban of the Boeing 737 Max.

According to the security notification issued by Transport Canada on March 13, 2019, Air Canada has since adopted its fleet Which he installed 737 MAX. In addition, Air Canada is expected to have an additional 12,737 Max, which would bring the fleet of 737 aircraft to 36 aircraft in July. But Boeing has noted that shipments of its 737 Max are currently suspended.

Since the renewal date of the 737 MAX is not known, for planning purposes and providing customers with certainty about their reservations and movements, Air Canada removes this type of aircraft from the schedule. Flights, at least until 1 August 2019.

To ease the impact, the Canadian company allocates other types of aircraft to routes originally supplied at 737 Max, including the activation of certain links with aircraft of similar size or larger. Also, to ensure these alternative flights, it extends the tenancy agreements Airbus A320 And three Ambra 190 Who had to leave his fleet. In addition, it accelerates the integration into the fleet of six Airbus A321s from Wow air.

"To ensure the comfort of our customers, we are redeveloping the first four of these devices, even if they are less than three years.Your will be equipped with Wi-Fi and repainted with the colors coloring for Air Canada, and will be integrated into the fleet in May, The other two will be published later, "says Air Canada.

In addition, Air Canada is working with other airlines to provide additional immediate capability and other options for customers. Air Canada of Montreal, Frankfurt and Air Link for the month of May will be provided by Lufthansa, Its business partner within Star Alliance. The Canadian company is currently in discussions with other airlines for the temporary operation of flights on its behalf, subject to government approval and completion of the final documentation.

As of June 15, Qatar Airways Take advantage Airbus A330-2003 For daily flights between Montreal and Barcelona and the A330-200 for daily flights between Montreal and Paris. Effective June 2, Omni Air International will operate several flights using aircraft Boeing 767-200ER Between Vancouver and Honolulu and Maui.

Air Canada has made several changes to its routes, either by changing the days and hours of operation, by allocating larger aircraft at reduced frequencies, or by redeploying aircraft.Air Canada Rose More links. For example, Air Canada's Montreal-Bordeaux flights will be operated three times a week by Air Canada Rogers and the Boeing 767-300ER; Flights to Montreal Los Angeles will be operated once a day by Airbus A330, larger aircraft; Flights from Toronto-Keflavik and Montreal-Keflavik will operate on the Air Canada Rose A319, and one of the two daily flights between Toronto and Charlottetown will be served in Ireland and Canada. A321 in a cost-effective configuration.

Some Seasonal connections launches Delayed. This includes the new Montreal seasonal route to Bordeaux, which will be launched on July 1 instead of June 15th and the Vancouver, Boston route, which will begin on June 20th instead of June 1. In some cases, Air Canada temporarily suspended service on several routes served at 737 Max, since there is no other plane currently available. These flights include those for London Heathrow from Halifax and St. John's, whose passengers will be redirected through Toronto and Montreal trains.

Although these routes are suspended until July 31, Air Canada is determined to recover them. Other non-stop seasonal routes, such as Toronto-Shannon, Toronto-Abbotsford and Calgary-London, Ontario, are suspended for the 2019 summer season to optimize Air Canada's overall fleet throughout the summer program. Customers will be redirected by other flights. Air Canada plans to renew these routes in the summer of 2020.

"When we make recent changes to our flight schedule, customers whose flight times or numbers have changed can expect to receive an update of their route by email. This information can also be found under my orders on the Air Canada App or Air Canada website, "Air Canada announces.

To make communication easier for each flight change, it is recommended that customers ensure that their order contains their contact information, whether the order was made with Air Canada or not. The latter implemented a flexible change policy and order, which allows affected customers to cancel the fees completely and receive a refund.

Customers who originally had to travel on the 737 Max may Call Air Canada at 1 833-354-5963 Learn more within 72 hours of the scheduled flight. Customers who have booked a flight with a travel agent should contact them for immediate assistance. In addition, customers are advised to check their flight status using the function provided for this purpose from the Air Canada application or on the airline's website before traveling to the airport.

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