Saturday , April 17 2021

CAF Cup: FC Salitas, a new rising force in Burkina Faso football

Dakar, April 2 (APS) – FC Salitas, Giraffe’s opponent this coming Sunday in the CAF Cup, was founded in 2015 and is now part of the rising forces of Burkina Faso football, the sports journalist told APS. Antoine Bettionio, from the daily Le Pays daily. .

The winner of the 2018 Copa do Faso, FC Salitas, originally a football academy, brings together footballers who come mostly from training centers, Batationi added.

For his first participation in the CAF Cup, he reached the team stage. The club was relegated last year by ESAE’s energy scorers, the leg generation scorers during the framework round of that competition, the sports reporter recalled.

FC Salitas, the contraction of the first names of the club’s founder’s parents (Salimata and Tasser), dominated Burkina Faso’s Premier League last season, counting up to six points ahead of their runners-up, six days before the end, according to Antoine Battionio.

Two young teams from Burkina Faso, defending Bayer Leverkusen’s Edmund Tepsova, and Hassan Banda, from Ajax Amsterdam, come from this Burkina Faso club.

According to the sports journalist, FC Salitas currently has two Senegalese footballers in their ranks: goalkeeper Mansour Kane and striker Olivier Boise, who is part of the top three in the Burkina Faso championship.

The club is in second place in the Burkina Faso championship, with 42 points on the clock, one point less than the leader, Sonable, but with a late game.

In the CAF Cup, after losing his first game (0-1) against Tunisia’s Sports Club (CSS), he defeated Etoile Sporti de Sos (ESS), 1: 0, at home, on the second day.

Giraffe, his opponent on Sunday, equalized (1: 1) against CSS and was beaten by ESS (0-2). The Burkinabe Championship is on its 23rd day.

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