Tuesday , June 28 2022

Celine Dion, Diva Quebec is completely loose instead of offbeat (video)


Celine Dion, the new ambassador to L'Oreal Paris, is going crazy with a strange announcement. The long version of his advertisement for France was revealed on social networks.

The French and newcomer to L'Oreal, offers us a real show on her new campaign with the cosmetics giant.

L'Oreal Paris unveiled on Friday the whole commercial starring Celine Dion. As a new ambassador of the cosmetics brand, the Canadian singer is known for her humor.

The video of more than two minutes begins in the suite of a luxurious Parisian hotel. The interpreter So you still love me, Chasing a silk robe, asks an hour for the servant to prepare. Then she throws respect Arta Franklin and sketched a few dance steps before using the paint on her hair.

A battle of dancing and jokes in a taxi

All in a funny imitation – she kisses her paint pipe. Celine Dion prepares in her room to sing the song of the Queen of the Soul. Then she goes down to the hall and dances under the receptionist's stormy gaze, crosses the hallway of the palace with her friends and becomes addicted The Battle In front of several dancers.

Then she leaves the hotel, shakes her new colored hair to avoid taking pictures and takes refuge in the taxi and leave laughing with the driver.

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