Saturday , April 17 2021

Covid 19: Olivier Verne, guest of the newscast at 13:00 on Monday on TF1 – LCI

  1. Covid-19: Olivier Verne, guest of the new 13:00 edition this coming Monday on TF1LCI
  2. Vote for ‘Most Beautiful Market’ in Martinique with TF1 and France-Antilles – All News from Martinique Online – Martinique
  3. Olivier Verne has been invited to TF1’s 13 hours: Health Minister to answer Marie-Sophie’s questions to Caro on MondayTélé
  4. Brigitte Bardot angrily, violently smashing Marie-Sophie to Caro who “made her shiver with horror”resistance
  5. News 13:00: Marie-Sophie Lacaro undermines Julian Bojir, double shock for France 2Toutelatele
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