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France: Hapsatou fights Thierry Ardison again


, Entrepreneur and columnist
The Franco-Senegalese television came back again
The situation between her and her former boss tourists
. It was Wednesday, May 15th on trays
The French television 5 where she intervened in the exhibition
"C you" Animation by Anne-Elizabeth
. If the goal of releasing this media was
To view his new book titled "Made in France",
She could not help sending a few shovels to the producer
Of French cinema and television.

Eric Zemmour and Thierry Ardison, fight him according to S. Hapsatou

"The truth is that this company made Eric Zemmour and Thierry Ardison win." The battle of Eric Zemore became of Thierry Ardison » Said the columnist in particular about the incident that took place last September "Trans Sun". She returned to what the controversy was saying Arik Zemour And who was not tried by his previous employer.

The latter condemned the reaction Hapsatou Si, On social networks. He scolded her "Spread on Twitter to make a bad buzz that is completely nil". The man known as the "man in black" also mentioned in this case the cow of a "Duty of reserve duty" Imposed on him according to his employment contract. "She has a contract that says what happens [dans l’émission] Must be confidential » He waved at the time Thierry Ardison.

Franco-Senegal, for its part, continues to defend itself in this situation. "This is a relationship I can not stand (…) Maybe we would like to be a docile and wise woman who says and does only what I'm told I'm drafted into this exhibition for my franchise and then I criticize my franchise" She hit.

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