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Game of Throne, History – News Display


The fans of the series, in Switzerland, had the glasses although the night time was not to be missed. The Beauvais gathered on Sunday night, several dozen people at the "Pata" cinema, for the last meeting. Swiss TV RTS released the episode at the same time as the American HBO in English with French subtitles.

In America alone came the HBO series, with the addition of about 43 million people. Sad about the end of many fans, but also the heroes. At the same time, some of you have confessed their loyalty.

That's what writing, Emilia Clark, Drachenkönigin Daenerys Targaryen played, on Instagram: "This woman has all my heart sued." There is a series as a woman, an actress and a marked man. Love, magic fans must thank you very much. "Without you, we do not have, and now, our countdown."

Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark embodies, writes that she was with the great series, I am in love with her and will never forget what you taught them. Without this experience, she would not be the man today. She also thanked the fans. You will do it most of all, others are missing.

Fans, but after the departure of "GoT", to other fantasy stories are hoping, for the cult series of the year. HBO already has a spin-off planned thousands of years before the events in the "GoT" case also plays on the fictional, Wistrous Continent. When the series "Hollywood star Naomi Watts (50," King Kong ") see, but it is not clear.

Streaming, the giant Netflix has the rights to tell the series "The Chronicles of Narnia" saved, a competitor of Amazon promises "Lord of the Rings" series. In addition, he can by Reissues media series of "Avatar" and "Conan the Barbarian" to give. For fantasy, innovation is also spectacular in the "game of chairs" of the final guarantee.


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